City centre development Küsnacht ZH, competition contribution 2nd level

  • Competition contribution 2nd level
  • City centre development Küsnacht ZH 2012 
  • Project handling: Anna Hotz Semadeni, Christine Hotz Steinemann, Luz Rigendinger
  • Collaboration with Andrea Semadeni

The central zone of Küsnacht is dominated by traffic infrastructure buildings from the 1970s. The railway tracks, the routing of the cantonal road and the large car park fragment the village and create a situation that is hostile to pedestrians. A new village square with a market hall and library should give the centre a new face and revitalise the village. Our competition entry ties the centre of Küsnacht together again. The continuation of Dorfstrasse as a tree-lined shopping street is the link between the old village centre and the new village square. The placement of the new library with a market hall defines two public spaces. The representative village square is located in front of the building and is understood as an extension of the Dorfstrasse. To the rear is an enclosed green space with a view of the lake. The market hall with the library is conceived as a representative cultural building, whereas the other buildings with more private uses are connected to the existing buildings. Pedestrian and bicycle ramps as well as stairs and lifts to the railway tracks and the underground car park are integrated into the square design and create a connection from the village square to the lower part of the village.

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