Repurposing Reithalle (riding hall), open project competition, Geneva 2014

  • Repurposing Reithalle (riding hall) Geneva 
  • Competition contribution 2014 
  • Building: Riding hall dating back to 1828
  • Project handling: Anna Hotz Semadeni, Christine Hotz Steinemann, Valentin Gillet

The riding hall was built in 1828 on the edge of the old town of Geneva. The basilica's ground plan organises the riding hall in the main nave and the stables in the side wings. In 1930, in the age of architectural modernism, the riding hall was converted into a car garage, then in 1950 it was completely gutted and converted into a multi-storey car park with a ramp and two parking decks.

In an attempt to preserve this architectural monument, the City of Geneva announced a competition for its renovation and conversion into a neighbourhood centre with festival halls, a refectory, a ludotheque and a nursery.

The competition project envisages the dismantling of the 1950s fixtures and strengthening the quality of the original structure. The demolition will expose the east wing, which we will transform into a courtyard garden that can be used by the entire Manège, but especially by the crèche. The garden allows light to enter the ground floor of the main hall, where the group rooms of the crèche are planned. On the upper floor are the large halls where visitors can experience the original dimensions of the riding hall.

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