IWAZ internal restaurant

  • Selective competition
  • Client: IWAZ Sozialunternehmung
  • Services: Project proposal for internal restaurant, exterior landscaping
  • Project handling: Christine Hotz Steinemann, Marisa Muscionico

The IWAZ is a social enterprise offering workplaces, training, assisted living, as well as individual support and care for people with disabilities. The location on Neugrundstrasse in Wetzikon consists of five buildings, including the "internal restaurant" to be treated. The aim of the extension and conversion of the restaurant is to create a meeting and living point within the facility, which is available to the residents around the clock as a living space and to the staff for breaks and for communal lunch. Part of the task is also the design of the outdoor space. Identification, functionality, quality of use and the preservation and promotion of community are key points.

The new concept envisages developing various zones of individual ambience within the internal restaurant with the help of appropriate furnishings, lighting design and colour concepts. In addition to the large dining room, a bistro corner will be designed with flexible furniture, a TV corner will serve as a retreat for the residents and a meeting zone for the staff. Diversity is also emphasised in the outdoor space. Differently designed areas are intended to meet diverse needs. Park-like spaces with lush greenery alternate with covered outdoor seating areas and the sun terrace of the restaurant, right up to the playground, which is also available to the neighbourhood.

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