Competition Adlisberghof, Restoration and new conception, Zurich Hottingen, 2022

  • Selective competition
  • Buildings and surroundings: communal protected object
  • Year of construction: 16th century
  • Client: Grün Stadt Zürich
  • Assignment: Restoration and  und new conception of agricultural building and residential house
  • Project handling: Christine Hotz Steinemann, Livia Stöckli, Rosina Hurter
  • Collaboration: Nipkow Landschaftsarchitektur

The farmstead on the Adlisberg is an intact rural group of buildings in the open landscape chamber of the Weierholz forest. The dwelling house with a barn located in the west is being gently renovated in this tradition.

The architectural task focuses on the original and simple appearance. The planned farm shop in the barn space supports the theme of local cultivation and offers a point of attraction for customers with an interest in naturally produced and processed products.  

The original post-and-beam construction from the 16th century is of great architectural value and rare. With the chosen floor plan solution and the only minimal alteration of the existing building, the original structure is preserved. 

The open-space characteristic is revealed in the free and direct link with the landscape. The open interconnection of street space, forecourts, passages and meadow areas articulates the essence of cultivation and differs from the normative gesture of residential areas close to the city in terms of open space design. A fountain fed by spring water stands on the rising courtyard square in the east. Its wild paving integrates the courtyard into the historical context in a materially appropriate manner. The continuation of the paving in the barn area to the western residential building and passageway brings the ensemble together.

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