Renovation and a roof extension Jupiterstrasse, Zurich 2011

  • Building: Apartment building in the neighbourhood conservation zone
  • Year of construction: Turn of the century 1900
  • Client: Private
  • Assignment: Renovation with a roof extension and lift installation
  • Services: Planning and realization
  • Project handling: Anna Hotz Semadeni, Livia Stöckli
  • Collaboration: Gretener Bauplanung

The neoclassical semi-detached house is located in the neighbourhood conservation zone and was built in 1923.

By replacing the windows and insulating the roof, the energy balance of the house was improved without compromising its protected appearance.

The three-storey flats were gently renovated and fitted with spacious balconies directly in front of the kitchen. The attic flat was extended by one storey with the newly converted, large attic room. The building structure was completely preserved. The existing parquet coffered floors and stucco work were refreshed, while the original flat doors were renovated and upgraded in terms of fire protection.

The colour concept is derived from the original colour scheme in the staircase, a dove blue and an oxblood red. The house was converted while it was occupied.

Photography: Stefan Jäggi

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