SFH Eugen-Huber-Strasse

  • Building: Single-family house
  • Year of construction: 1910
  • Client: Private
  • Assignment: Remodeling,  overall energetic renovation
  • Services: Planning and realization
  • Project handling: Livia Stöckli, Christine Hotz Steinemann

The single-family house, built in 1910, has undergone an overall energy renovation in connection with the floor plan adjustments. The main intervention was made on the first floor: By inserting a steel beam, the whole floor could be opened and is now used as a spacious living area. Thanks to flexible subdivision possibilities, a partial area can also be used as a guest room. New windows strengthen the visual connection to the garden and increase the quality of living. As an extension of the living area, the new wooden terrace extends into the outdoor space and leads to the garden via the wide staircase.

Thanks to the roof extension, an additional room has been created. The roof area was insulated and equipped with an integrated photovoltaic system. The solar energy obtained is used for everyday electricity consumption, operation of the pellet heating system and for the electric car.

Photography: Reto Cortesi

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