Overall refurbishment Semi-detached house Burenweg, Witikon ZH 2018, 1st prize Planner selection process, Amt für Hochbauten Stadt Zürich AHB

  • Planner selection process 1st prize
  • Building: Semi-detached house integrally listed
  • Year of construction: 16th century
  • Client: Amt für Hochbauten Stadt Zürich (AHB)
  • Assignment: Overall refurbishment
  • Services: Planning and realization
  • Project handling: Anna Hotz Semadeni, Luz Rigendinger, Livia Stöckli
  • Surroundings: Garden monument conservation

As a relic of rural culture, the houses on Burenweg are a remembrance of the times not so distant ago when animals were kept and wine was cultivated in today's Hirslanden neighbourhood.

Despite numerous alterations, the protected building from the 16th century still retains large parts of the original plank and post-construction. With the overall restoration, the farmhouse with its associated kitchen garden will become a living witness to the rural past within today's Zurich urban area.

Photography: Juliette Haller

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