List of works

Year Category Project
2024 Overall renovation and remodeling of protected building Single-family house and guesthouse, Küsnacht ZH
2024 Overall renovation and remodeling of protected building Office- and apartment building Gotthardstrasse, Zürich
2024 Roof extension and energetic measures Single-family house Eugen-Huber-Strasse, Zürich
2022 Overall renovation single-family house Single-family house Südstrasse, Zürich
2021 Single-family house protected building, new building garden pavilion Einfamilienhaus Heuelstrasse, Zürich
2021 Maintenance old townhouse, protected building Remodeling and extension of office spaces, Preyergasse
2021 Feasibility study roof extension and energy strategy Single-family house Pflugsteinstrasse, Erlenbach
2019 Competition, restoration, protected building Apartment building und restaurant Hornegg
2016 Renovation protected building Rectory Bürglistrasse, Zurich
2016 Implementation of fire protection measurements, protected building Parish hall Enge, Zurich
2015 Renovation and extension of protected building Single-family house Fichtenstrasse, Zurich
2015 Lift renovation protected building Gallihaus, Zurich
2015 Feasibility study new building Site development Albisrieden, Zurich
2015 Project study renovation protected building Villa Kurhausstrasse, Zurich
2014 Façade renovation of old town house, protected building House Trittligasse, Zurich
2013 Renovation apartment Apartment building Freiestrasse, Zurich
2013 Competition, listed building renovation, 1st prize Semi-detached duplex house Burenweg, Witikon Zurich
2012 New building Single-family house Masein, GR
2012 Competition, new building school building School building Rotwein, Güttingen TG
2011 Competition, new building and urban design, 1st place Reception building ACW, Wädenswil ZH
2011 Project study new building Apartment building, Vals GR
2011 Project study new building Single-family house Dattenberg, Kriens LU
2011 Competition, site development Speich Areal Wipkingen, Zurich
2010 Competition, renovation 1st prize School building Wengi, Kernstrasse, Zurich
2010 Competition, new building of residential building Wogeno, Schwamendingen ZH
2009 Competition, complementary building Children's home Entlisberg, Zurich
2008 Competition "Wohnen am Dorfbach", 1st prize Schwamendingen, Zurich
2008 Competition, School room expansion Schoo building Lupfig, AG
2007 Attachment Valserhaus Thalerlotsch, Thalkirch GR